What is Guest WiFi?

Deliver a Branded, Digital Experience to On-Site Visitors & Turn Guest WiFi into a powerful Marketing Channel
  • Murat Eren
  • February 26, 2022

What is Guest WiFi?

Deliver a Branded, Digital Experience to On-Site Visitors & Turn Guest WiFi into a powerful Marketing Channel

With more than 80% of the population owning a smartphone, your customers expect fast, free and user-friendly guest WiFi wherever they go. Guest WiFi is one of the most requested guest amenities and providing digital connectivity to your visitors is an expected utility. For many people, accessing Guest WiFi is one of the first actions they take once they arrive at a physical space. This makes the Guest WiFi experience often the first touch point for interaction with your guests.

Businesses understand this need for connectivity, but often overlook the Guest WiFi channel as part of an omni-channel strategy.

Omni-channel experiences are about leveraging data to develop physical experiences that act, behave, and can be understood like digital experiences.

Guest WiFi marketing is a critical tool within an omni-channel marketing strategy, whether you are a larger retailer, a shopping mall, a museum, or a co-working space.

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Key Benefits

Delight your guests with easy WiFi connectivity

Create an easy login portal and onboard guests with our simple user interface. When guests return to your venue the network remembers their details. Customers will spend more time and money in a venue offering guest WiFi.

Enrich CRM Data

Collect and unify offline (In-store visits, Guest WiFi, POS and loyalty programs) and online (Website and app, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing) customer touchpoint data.

Every time a customer signs into your Guest WiFi, it is an opportunity to identify and validate that customer’s profile. Once a valid profile is secured, it enables personalized content that is relative to the individual, delivered in the moment, and is based on past behavior. This customer authentication - using guest WiFi - can be the bridge between your company’s CRM system and its foot traffic and closing this gap means more valid user profiles and better marketing ROI.

Guest WiFi data is also first party data, defined as data collected directly from your audience. When you leverage Guest WiFi as a marketing channel, 100% of that data comes from first-party relationships with clear consumer opt-ins vs. second or third-party data that can come from a myriad of sources.

Properly obtaining and leveraging 1st party data has become an increasingly important topic as data privacy and GDPR-like regulations continue to be an intensely debated topic both domestically and abroad.

Collect and monetize your opt-in shopper data with WiFi marketing​

Transform your WiFi network into a powerful marketing asset that builds customer database, promotes business and collects valuable insights.

Are you ready to grow your business with WiFi marketing?

Contact us to find out how BuWiFi measures offline customer behavior and builds customer loyalty. Leverage your Guest WiFi to gain a competitive edge

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