What is WiFi Marketing?

Collect customer data and see trends and results of marketing campaigns with WiFi Analytics
  • Murat Eren
  • February 01, 2022

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is a marketing technique that uses Guest WiFi to collect & clean customer data such as names, emails, phone numbers, customer behavior, and demographics.

This data is used to personalize marketing campaigns to increase customer loyalty, build online reviews, and save at risk customers.

Also, the performance of every campaign can be tracked down to the tangible ROI of a customer walking back in your door.

WiFi Marketing allows business owners and marketers to send targeted advertising and behavior-driven promotions to people, via online advertising and email marketing, to customers who have logged into your Guest WiFi.

WiFi Analytics is important for effective WiFi Marketing

WiFi Analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing anonymous data from WiFi-enabled devices through WiFi access points. This provides key performance indicators (KPIs) such as dwell times, frequency, and other advanced location analytics for physical locations.

Once a customer opts into the Guest WiFi landing page, their individual presence analytics are associated to the customers profile. This process enables our WiFi marketing platform, BuWiFi, to track the performance of all campaigns sent to customers down to someone walking back into their door.

How Are Customer Profiles Built with WiFi Marketing?

A customer profile is a description of a business’ customers typically stored in a company’s customer relationship management software (CRM). It includes demographics, behavior data, zip codes, birthdays and customer contact information, such as email address or phone number.

With integration, our Enterprise WiFi marketing solution, BuWiFi, automatically build customer profiles for physical locations by combining customer data from Guest WiFi landing page.

Key Benefits of WiFi Marketing

With WiFi Marketing, retailers can increase customer engagement, footfall traffic and dwell time with personalized offers, sweepstakes and surveys.

Personalise and Enhance Shopper Experience

With WiFi Marketing, venue owners can deliver location based, personalised content and reach your customers via SMS at the right time and location.

Engage your customers through smarter campaigns and sweepstakes

BuWiFi is a powerful marketing automation solution where you create automated messaging and see measurable results. Drive in-store conversion with personalized offers, automatically delivered to customers when they enter your store, engage with a department, or after they leave.

Increase dwell time, loyalty and generate new revenue streams for your business

Increase foot traffic & dwell time with personalized offers. Build happy, satisfied, brand loyal customers that come back time and time again.

Are you ready to grow your business with WiFi marketing?

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