Benefits of WiFi Analytics

Understand your customers better
  • Murat Eren
  • January 25, 2022

Benefits of WiFi Analytics

Understand your customers better

Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.
W. Edwards Deming
Data Scientist

Footfall cameras just count heads but WiFi Analytics goes beyond that: You measure, understand and boost store performance with WiFi Analytics.

Our solution, BuWiFi, enables you to collect key customer data and begin to understand how visitors interact within your venue. We offer advanced presence analytics for venue owners to understand the location potential and success in getting visitors inside a store.

How can in-store analytics benefit a business?

The most common advantages of WiFi Analytics includes:

1. Get rich metrics and actionable insights of in-store shopping behaviour

Get the same common web metrics and reach par with online stores. Create custom audiences based on demographics such as age, gender, and shopping behaviour.

2. Enrich CRM Data

Collect and unify offline (In-store visits, Guest WiFi, POS and loyalty programs) and online (Website and app, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing) customer touchpoint data.

3. Collect and monetize your opt-in shopper data with WiFi marketing

Transform your WiFi network into a powerful marketing asset that builds customer database, promotes business and collects valuable insights.

The Bottom Line

In-store analytics can connect the dots between the consumer, the store and the buying decision. It is a great way to learn more about how the store is able to attract customers and help retailers to optimize customer experience.

With the help of BuWiFi, you are able to understand why customers visit your store, how they behave inside the store and what are the reasons behind them leaving empty handed.

BuWiFi is an inexpensive, lightweight and highly scalable analytics solution for understanding in-store customer behaviour and loyalty patterns. It is an effective solution that can drive sales and ensure customers enjoy shopping at your store.

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