What is WiFi Analytics?

Collect customer data and see trends and results of marketing campaigns with WiFi Analytics
  • Murat Eren
  • January 01, 2022

What is WiFi Analytics?

WiFi analytics, also known as Presence analytics, is the process of collecting & analyzing customer behavior data from WiFi access points to report KPIs such as customer traffic, dwell time, and engagement rate.

This is tracked using mobile phones and your physical location’s WiFi access point(s) (AP).

Every mobile device – smart phone, tablet, laptop – has a unique identifying number called a MAC address. Every connected device broadcasts an anonymous signal. When WiFi is activated on the device, it broadcasts a signal (probe request) that “looks” for a WiFi AP. Probe request contains the device’s MAC address.

WiFi APs look for signals from WiFi-enabled devices within range. So when AP identifies a device within range, it starts collecting anonymous customer presence data. Users do not have to log into the WiFi for this to occur.

With Presence data, BuWiFi provides some very important metrics like:

  • Total Passersby
  • Total Visitors: Floor/Zone breakdown
  • Dwell times: Long/Short Visit
  • Day of week/hour of day
  • Engagement/Bounce rate
  • Heatmap

These metrics are valuable in terms of being able to get a clear picture of your venue’s foot traffic and loyalty rates.

  • If you have multiple stores, you can compare different stores to each other.
  • If you have big campuses like shopping mall, you can see heatmaps, floor/zone breakdown of each metrics.

Turn data into powerful insights

BuWiFi translates anonymous device data into customer intelligence. We help you to understand visitor behavior, shopping patterns, and store performance metrics.

  • Get rich metrics and actionable insights of in-store shopping behaviour
  • Enrich CRM Data
  • Collect and monetize your opt-in shopper data
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