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About Junivo

Understand your customers and engage better with BuWiFi

Junivo helps brick-and-mortar retailers to build relationships with their visitors and create the best possible in-store customer experience.

Junivo is a data analytics company committed to help consumer-facing brick-and-mortar businesses to gather insights into their customers’ behaviours and preferences so they can communicate with them in a more targeted manner, creating more opportunities for their business to convert footfall into sales or revenue.

WiFi Marketing​

Use your Guest WiFi to gather customer contact information, send promotions, and gain valuable customer insights about their visit behavior and demographics.

Data Analytics​

Take your WiFi network beyond connectivity to drive digitization of physical spaces.

Imagine if your venue is digitized

Customer experience will never be the same again


Connect with customers seamlessly and privacy-friendly the moment they enter the venue.

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Go beyond counting heads and know more about the customers as they move around the venue.

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Deliver contextual experiences based on personas at the right time/place/channel.

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Enable a truly integrated omnichannel customer journey across digital and physical.

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Our Services

Explore awesome features

Check out our portfolio of end-to-end services designed to help you drive business outcomes faster.

Guest WiFi
Guest WiFi

Make it simple, branded and seamless for your customers to login anytime, at any of your venues

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Measure & understand in-store visits and determine conversion ratio

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WiFi marketing & customer experience solution

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Enables data collection, profile unification, segmentation and activation

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Data Integration
Data Integration

Connect BuWiFi with other apps using Webhooks and APIs

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Network Management
Network Management

Easily manage your Guest WiFi

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Monitor your Guest WiFi's key metrics in realtime

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Key Benefits

E = MC2

Engagement = Measure • Connect • Communicate

With BuWiFi, we give you the all familiar formula for In-store Engagement. Now you can, Measure and Understand your visitors with In store Analytics Module, Connect your customers to the internet with Guest WiFi, and Communicate with them in-store.

Delight your guests with easy WiFi connectivity​

Create an easy login portal and onboard guests with our simple user interface. When guests return to your venue the network remembers their details. Customers will spend more time and money in a venue offering guest WiFi.

Get rich metrics and actionable insights of in-store shopping behaviour​

Get the same common web metrics and reach par with online stores. Create custom audiences based on demographics such as age, gender, and shopping behaviour.

Personalise and Enhance Shopper Experience​

Location-Based Marketing throughout the venue. Reach your customers via SMS at the right time and location.

Empower your Guest WiFi experience

Transform your WiFi network into a powerful marketing asset that builds customer database, promotes business and collects valuable insights

Specialized solutions for your industry

Junivo Knows Your Industry

Whether you need easy to use Guest WiFi or a Customer Satisfaction Survey, we have you covered with wide variety of use cases.

Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall

See how your visitors use your shopping mall

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Retail Chain
Retail Chain

Incentivize shoppers to connect to Guest WiFi and build loyalty

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Grow revenue by giving customers relevant context when they want it

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Keep customers loyal with automated SMS.

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Understand and delight your visitors

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Understand how passengers move around your terminal.

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Before, During, After visit campaign ideas

Here are some campaign scenarios to reach and engage customers before during and after visit

Before Visit

Inform customers about events / discounts, offers and free services, based on customers’ profile and previous engagements (measured by WiFi Analytics)

  • Create flash sales to people who are not present in the mall
  • Private invitations to social events (Fashion/Art exhibitions, store openings, concerts, private parties, book signings, seminars)
  • Attract lagging customers and make them frequent visitors again. E.g., send a promotion or an exclusive invitation for a movie premiere
  • Send a coffee coupon to frequent visitors
  • Send announcement to parents for an upcoming kids event
  • Send an cinema promotion to parents
  • Send announcement to young females for “Ladies Night” event
  • Send a free drink coupon to young ladies
  • Send personalized messages depending on customer profile
During Visit

Detect physical presence in the venue and send location aware personalised messages (welcome messages, zone/corridor based messages)

  • Send “Scratch & Win” SMS to each visitor. “Connect to WiFi and Win”
  • Send segment based campaigns.
  • Send young males announcement SMS informing %30 discount in soccer shirts in Adidas store
  • Send females announcement SMS informing free makeup training workshop on first floor
  • Send mass marketing announcement/promotions
  • Today Orhan Pamuk will have an autograph session in D&R bookstore
  • Personalized discounts and offers to visitors who are physically inside the mall
  • Dwell based campaigns. If visitor stays more than 30min in food-court send a coffee coupon for outdoor cafeterias or a %20 discount on cinema ticket
  • If a parent stays more than 30min in kids area send a discount at Koçtaş
  • Ask a question and send “Scratch & Win” SMS for a small price
  • Question; “Which floor is Koçtaş located”. If answered correctly Scratch & Win SMS will be sent
  • WiFi triggered push notification messages for mobile app
  • Engage visitors by giving loyalty points depending on dwell time, visit frequency and money spent
After Visit

Evaluate customers' visit experience via surveys and trigger their next visits

  • Send goodbye messages
  • Send customer satisfaction surveys to visitors who left the mall
  • Send a promotion to frequent visitors valid for next 7 days
  • Send personalized messages to upcoming events, celebrity visits, early sales pre-launch etc.
  • Notify customers about their loyalty status/points to trigger their next visits

Use WiFi to grow your business

WiFi is proven to increase customer visit frequency and loyalty. Let’s take a look at some industry statistics on WiFi.


Opt-in for Promotions

74% people would be happy for a retailer to send a text or email with promotions while they’re using in-store WiFi
(Source: OnDeviceResearch)


Guest WiFi is Important ...

75% of businesses say they consider free wireless access to be either “important” or “very important” to their business now.
(Source: iGR)


... Even for age 45+

79% of even the least WiFi Interested shoppers, age 45+ are positively influenced by in-store WiFi availability
(Source: Accenture)

Technology Partners

Partners for WiFi infrastructure

BuWiFi seamlessly integrates with the majority of WiFi network hardware from the following manufacturers.

You have any questions ?

Here you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about BuWiFi.

  • BuWiFi is cloud-based and it is an overlay to your existing WiFi infrastructure, so no extra hardware is required
  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile application is not required
  • Uses existing in-store WiFi network
  • GDPR and KVKK compliant
  • Fancy a demo? Contact us and one of our product experts will be in touch.

WiFi marketing is an innovative way for brick-and-mortar businesses to build customer loyalty by leveraging on-premise guest WiFi to run highly targeted digital ads, send emails & SMS messages, and automate other customer communications.

BuWiFi is a cloud-based WiFi platform and it is an overlay to your existing WiFi infrastructure, so no extra hardware is required. Setup is seriously quick and everything is managed via an online portal. When visitors connect to WiFi, our captive portal compliantly captures key contact and demographic information which allows you to get to know your visitors, quickly analyze data, and follow up with personalized marketing campaigns.

BuWiFi doesn't require an app since engagement is done over SMS or email. But BuWiFi can communicate with an app and increase its effectiveness.

No. BuWiFi is a cloud-based WiFi platform and it is an overlay to your existing WiFi infrastructure, so no extra hardware is required.

Yes. Using Webhooks and APIs.

When wireless infrastructure is ready, BuWiFi setup is very quick and everything is managed via an online portal.

Yes. BuWiFi is a secure & compliant with the various regulations. It is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and 6698 KVKK (Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu) (Law on the Protection of Personal Data). When we provide guest WiFi, the terms and conditions clearly defines what data are we collecting and why. Guests will have to opt-in to any marketing material. Clear instructions on how to opt-out is also provided.

We provide 1 month Proof of Concept (PoC) to our potential customers. Fully enabled solution is installed to chosen locations. Splash and Langing pages are customized. After PoC, a report is provided to go over the insights.

Our Trusted Clients

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BuWiFi is digitizing physical spaces with In-store Analytics and Mobile Customer Engagement

  • BuWiFi has more than 500K opt-in users
  • Junivo manages more than 500 Access Points
  • We have delivered more than 50K coupons
  • BuWiFi runs over 200 stores


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